Minnesota Zoo

We’re Minnesotans for a Great Zoo. And, you can be, too!

The Minnesota Zoo is transforming into a world-leading zoo, and we want you to be a part of it. As a Minnesotan for a Great Zoo and as an advocate, you will help us continue become a world-class zoo by spreading the word, supporting us in our endeavors, and taking pride in your Zoo.

The Minnesota Zoo is:

  • An important community gathering place for all Minnesotans.
  • A leading Minnesota cultural institution
  • One of our state’s most innovative educational institutions.
  • A state, national and international leader in wildlife conservation.

We’re a diverse group of:

  • Families
  • Individuals
  • Zoo Members
  • Zoo Donors
  • Zoo Guests
  • Volunteers
  • Educators
  • Conservationists
  • Parents
  • Animal Lovers
  • Minnesotans from all corners of the state

In other words, Minnesotans for a Great Zoo is you. We need to continue the momentum that we’ve invested by making the Minnesota Zoo a great community resource for all Minnesotans.

Want to join us?  Click here for more information.